Word Crack

Word Crack Free 2.1

Go head-to-head online in this Scramble-style word game


  • Looks nice
  • Fun word puzzle gameplay
  • Power-ups


  • Only two-player head-to-head mode
  • Clunky swipe controls


Word Crack is an Android word game in which you have to find more words within the jumble of letters than your online oppponent.

The format of Word Crack is very similar to that of Scramble with Friends. You have a grid of 16 letters and must join them to make words, by dragging your finger to assemble adjoining letters. Points are awarded for each word depending on how long it is and the value of the letters used.

There are power-ups available in Word Crack that you can 'buy' before each round, using game coins. These vary from a screen freezer to a power-up that gives you hints.

Like Scramble with Friends, you play against another online opponent in Word Crack, and must wait for them to take their turn before you can proceed. After each round you can check which words you and your opponent found.

The two-player option is fun, but having to wait for your turn is annoying. It would be preferable to have a one-player mode in Word Crack too, or even a live global online competition like the excellent Wordament.

Graphically, Word Crack looks good with clean and colorful graphics and neat, simple sound effects. However, dragging your finger across the letters can be hit and miss, and it's too easy to hit the wrong letter by mistake.

Word Crack is addictive fun, but waiting around for your opponents to take their turn often cuts this fun short.

Word Crack


Word Crack Free 2.1

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